Isomorphic web application with Mithril.js

Isomorphic JavaScript webapps have been around for a while. The benefits are multiple: SEO (crawlable urls), performance (faster first render, interaction and navigation) and maintainability (less code, shared by both the client and the server, no duplicate logic).

This website is a showcase of the challenges that we faced implementing an isomorphic web application. The aim is to present a real case study where we chose Mithril for its speed, simplicity and elegance. We will show the solutions we used to solve the common problems for this kind of app.

The source code of the website is available on GitHub:

The contents and the app are still work in progress and susceptible to changes. Please see the Contributing section below for suggestions and improvements.


We will cover some of the most common issues that need to be solved in the development of an average website. Our app needs to:

  • use shared routes between server and client
  • use shared state between server and client and across components
  • be multilanguage (i18n, contextual language switch)
  • load dynamic contents (in our case from Markdown files)
  • implement a basic user auth
  • allow easy integration of third party libraries
  • manage different kind of errors appropriately


We will use the following tools:


A special thank you to these people to making this possible:


Suggestions for improvements and/or translations of the contents of this website in other languages are welcome. Please file an issue on GitHub or contact ACXgit via Gitter.